Luke has co-composed a new musical   

Based on the initial musical sketches by Andrew Murrell, Luke has spent four months from October 2019 to January 2020 composing 90 minutes of orchestral and vocal music for a brand new music theatre production The Curious Career of Typhoid Mary. It is a dark comedy, loosely based on a real life character (Irish immigrant cook Mary Mallon) who caused mayhem and death in early 20th century New York through infecting people with the Typhoid virus, to which she was immune. Contemporary themes of belief in science vs dogmatic ignorance play through the storyline. The production will be held in Melbourne in May 2020. More info soon. 

Luke's music to feature at Lebowski's  

Luke will be the featured composer (and performer) in a collaboration with the community orchestra Squawkestra

A range of Luke's compositions and arrangements will be presented at the concert at Lebowski's, on Sunday November 11, 2018, 5-7pm. 

Luke will also perform as a saxophonist with the ensemble. ​​​​​​​

Luke composes and conducts new Big Band composition at Hamer Hall as part of 'Accent on Music' concert.  

18 September 2018 - To the delight of a packed Hamer Hall, Luke led the best jazz musicians from 12 schools of the ACC (Associated Catholic Colleges) in a rousing premiere performance of his purpose written 2018 composition Stompin' at the ACC. You can hear an MP3 rendition of the work below, as well as a documentary of the process, in which Luke appears in rehearsal and performance (2’:25” – 3’:40” and 7’:25” – 8’:00”).

Aeolus music used as inspiration for and accompaniment to new ballet TESANA in a beautiful performance at the Clocktower Theatre 

Aspettando L'Alba and Chiaroscuro from the Aeolus Suite served as the musical basis for a new ballet - TESANA, from POINTE, LINE AND SURFACE (October 11, 2015) performed by Dancebourne Arts, choreographed by Anne Butler. A neo-Classical dance work tracing women's experiences of yearning, sadness and loss through to healing and revitalisation via the agency of the Etruscan goddess Tesana. Photographs by Ron Fung. 

AEOLUS music to be the inspiration for a new, professional ballet. 

Rehearsing new ballet TESANA, based upon the Aeolus Suite, by Luke Serrano.

Music from the Aeolus suite is to be performed as a new contemporary ballet, created by choreographer Anne Butler for the Melbourne-based professional dance troupe, Dancebourne Arts. The performance, at the excellent Clocktower Theatre, Moonee Ponds, is scheduled for October 2015. More information shortly as it comes to light.

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​What they're saying about about the AEOLUS CD… 

“I congratulate you on an amazing body of work. It’s been a pleasure, and a privilege, to be involved in seeing these pieces through to having a life outside of the manuscript.”  Ross Calia (producer of Aeolus)
“Southern Mediterranean influences captured and expressed in this album are so delightful and such a surprise.”  Peter Dingli
“Congratulations on a great album.”  Hayden Dinse
“It’s a pleasure to listen to your funky, colourful and expressive work.” Judy Waldron
“The movements are all so beautiful.” Jen Cornejo
“Listened to your CD this morning. Loved it! All I kept thinking was WOW, my friend did this.” Nicki Jackson
“You have put a lot of energy and feeling into this music.” Marjorie Kopke
“I received the CD today. It is amazing” David Campbell (singer on Aeolus)
“The CD did arrive- THANKS!! What a beautiful thing you’ve made.”  Julia Stoppa (clarinetist on Aeolus)
“Thanks for the lovely CD” Steve Falk (percussionist on Aeolus)
“Intriguing and refreshing.” Lynda Santolin
“The album sounds fantastic!” Emma Knight (flautist on Aeolus)
“Joyful music, wonderful musos. Congrats!” Marguerite Griffith

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