​What they're saying about about the AEOLUS CD…

“I congratulate you on an amazing body of work. It’s been a pleasure, and a privilege, to be involved in seeing these pieces through to having a life outside of the manuscript.”  Ross Calia (producer of Aeolus)
“Southern Mediterranean influences captured and expressed in this album are so delightful and such a surprise.”  Peter Dingli
“Congratulations on a great album.”  Hayden Dinse
“It’s a pleasure to listen to your funky, colourful and expressive work.” Judy Waldron
“The movements are all so beautiful.” Jen Cornejo
“Listened to your CD this morning. Loved it! All I kept thinking was WOW, my friend did this.” Nicki Jackson
“You have put a lot of energy and feeling into this music.” Marjorie Kopke
“I received the CD today. It is amazing” David Campbell (singer on Aeolus)
“The CD did arrive- THANKS!! What a beautiful thing you’ve made.”  Julia Stoppa (clarinetist on Aeolus)
“Thanks for the lovely CD” Steve Falk (percussionist on Aeolus)
“Intriguing and refreshing.” Lynda Santolin
“The album sounds fantastic!” Emma Knight (flautist on Aeolus)
“Joyful music, wonderful musos. Congrats!” Marguerite Griffith